How to Enjoy the Experience

Relax at home and enjoy the experience of the UK tradition of an Afternoon Tea with the delicious, fully packed tastes of Scotland.

Make this  a date whilst on Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, a delivery can be made to  everyone at several addresses from the same order allowing everyone to eat together online. 

This is a good concept for a surprise celebration birthday, anniversary, new job or leaving party.

Enjoy in the garden when weather allows, creating your own table display with the fancy treats that have arrived in the exciting wrapping.  In Scotland we  usually start our afternoon tea with a glass of fizz, champagne, cava, prosecco, then follow with the traditional tea.   As gin has now become more popular, ladies often start their afternoon tea on champagne, gin and forget about the tea whilst indulging in the selection of dainty options. 

On our menu  you will find sandwiches or bagels, scones and preserves, a variety of Scottish savoury options, and Scottish cakes and sweet delights. 

Need some time out  whilst at work and arrange delivery to your workplace for lunch, late lunch or enjoy as a socially distanced group. 


Order by text, email or via facebook.


All allergies must be made known to us when booking.  As a rule, we do not use nuts, fish or sesame seeds in our recipes.